Are your vendor contracts

fit for purpose?

Financial and reputational damage

is your company at risk?

The Risks: Compliance Violations

With publishers and vendors of print and digital subscriptions (journals, news feeds, memberships and market data) adopting more sophisticated methods of tracking usage, it is ever more important for businesses to ensure that their employees understand how they can and cannot use information.


Research suggests that the majority of corporate firms are at risk of punitive legal action due to
non-compliance of vendors' content. Many firms underestimate the potential liability.

What We Do

Copyright Compliance offers a service to help protect your company from reputational and financial damage as a result of employees violating vendors’ terms. This is achieved by making easily understood summaries of the terms of use accessible to all users.


The summaries are tailored to each user, then the subscriptions can be assessed to decide if they are fit for purpose.


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